Global Education Conference

Join me for the online Global Education Conference

As the leadership of TESOL and NAFSA have pointed out, In the face of challenging times it is important for us to remember why we do what we do and to live up to our ideals of a global professional community. Our society and our world desperately need people who can bridge...

Using movies to raise cultural awareness

Using movies or films in class is a great way to help student both learn more about language and also about culture and cultural differences.  These days there are tons of films available that deal with interesting intercultural issues. Here are some thoughts on how to use film...

Motivating students to speak English in class

The authors of OUP’s Q: Skills for Success series have been answering questions from teachers. I was given a question about how to encourage students to speak more English in class.  You can watch the video directly using the link below, or visit the Oxford University Press...