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Join me for the online Global Education Conference

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As the leadership of TESOL and NAFSA have pointed out, In the face of challenging times it is important for us to remember why we do what we do and to live up to our ideals of a global professional community. Our society and our world desperately need people who can bridge divides. It is crucial that we stay actively engaged with and continue to learn from people of other countries and cultures.

With that in mind, I invite you to join me on Tuesday, November 15th for a webinar titled Building Bridges Through Intercultural Communication.  This talk is part of the four-day, online Global Education Conference.

This conference goes around the clock for four days, beginning on Sunday, November 13th.  This is not a conference solely for English language teachers. The general focus is in connecting teachers and students from around the world, often using various forms of digital communication.  There are many presentations from classroom teachers who enjoy using technology to set up international educational exchanges. Others are on study abroad. But the overall emphasis is how those from around the world can work cooperatively and collaboratively to improve global understanding.

My talk is about ways we can improve intercultural communication.  You can find a fuller description here:  It will take place on Tuesday, November 15th at 12:00 EST, which is 17:00 GMT

This conference is free, but if you sign up, you can get access to the complete list of four days of sessions listed on the online conference schedule. This includes a time zone converter, so  you can find out exactly when my webinar, as well as all the other sessions take place wherever you may happen to be  By signing up, you can also connect as part of a network with other interested teachers and education professionals from all over the world.

Go to this URL: then click on the Attending and Schedule link on the left. This will prompt you to sign up, and you will then be able to access the entire schedule.

I hope you will join me for the conference and especially on Tuesday for my webinar.

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