Upcoming Presentations at TESOL in Portland

Will you be at the TESOL Convention in Portland. If, so, I hope to see you there. Come and find me at one of the following presentations.


The Next Generation of Challenges in Authoring

Thursday  3/27   1:00pm   CC B113

Christina Cavage, Nick Robinson, Lynn Bonesteel, Sarah Lynn, Joe McVeigh

This session explores past, current, and future roles and relationships between materials writers and publishers. How can new and potential authors make informed decisions? Listen to experienced authors describe their experiences on topics from negotiating contracts to getting permissions.


Publishing 101: Getting a start as a published author

Thursday 3/27   4:00pm    CC A104

Joe McVeigh, Jayme Adelson-Goldstein, Daphne Mackey, Jeff Krum, Pietro Alongi

Thinking of writing a textbook? A panel of experienced ESL authors and editors share their advice for getting your foot in the door and starting on the road to becoming a published author.


Building intercultural competence in the classroom: Equipping young learners

Friday   3/28    9:30am     Oregon Ballroom 201

Amy Alice Chastain, Adrian Holliday, Thomas Nakamura, Bonny Norton, Joe McVeigh

Language learners and teachers need not only to develop communicative competence, but also intercultural competence. What do we mean by intercultural competence? Why is it important in education? How can we help students to develop this ability? And how does this affect the identity of young learners, families, and communities?


Writing Effective Student Learning Outcomes

Friday  3/28   4:00pm    CC D139

Joe McVeigh, Bruce Rindler

Many teachers are asked to write student learning outcomes for course and curriculum development. But how can teachers write outcomes that are clearer and more effective? In this session the presenters describe characteristics of model learner outcomes, guide participants in critiquing examples, and help them practice writing some.


Harmonizing Cultures in the ELL Classroom

Saturday   3/29    1:00pm    CC A109

Joe McVeigh, Ann Wintergerst

When students from different cultural backgrounds come together in the ELL classroom conflicts invariably result. In this talk, the presenters share practical and engaging activities for integrating the teaching of culture in the secondary language classroom with a special emphasis on reducing conflict and increasing harmony.


Delivering Effective Professional Development Through Webinars

Saturday,  3/29    2:00pm     CC C124

Joe McVeigh

Teacher educators are increasingly called upon to give talks and workshops using new technologies. The presenter shares a framework and techniques for delivering effective professional development through webinars. Topics include engaging the audience, structuring the presentation, increasing participant interaction and involvement, and making effective use of audio, video, and computers.

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