EFL in Saudi Arabia

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desert_saudi.jpgI’m just back from performing a program review for a couple of intensive English programs in Saudi Arabia. Lots of grist for the intercultural communication mill. Major issues in student motivation and finding the appropriate materials for the curriculum, as well. I’ve got to hand it to teachers who are able to teach over there long term. Yes, the money is good and the workload is not intense, but the climate, the cultural differences, and lack of curricular flexibility sure make it a challenge!

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    I’m working in Saudi Arabia. My wife, a current US teacher, and I plan on second careers in TESL. Naturally, KSA is a candidate. We recognize the culture isn’t Western but that is true of Asia as well. After Alaska, the warmth is very welcome! Your comment about a lack of flexibility caught my eye. Can you expound on that for us?

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