Three principles for teaching reading

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Student readingIn preparing our textbooks in the Q: Skills for Success series, my co-author Jenny Bixby and I have done a lot of research into effective methods of teaching reading. We’ve developed a few conference presentations on the subject. (You can download some slides here, or some handouts here, if you’re interested.) Meanwhile, I’ve taken just a few ideas from one of our talks and summarized them in a short article for TESOL Connections.  You can read the beginning below and the whole thing at the TESOL Connections site.

When we think of teaching reading, we often concentrate on the actual act of reading. How long will it take students to read the assignment? How well are they comprehending what they read? This is what goes on during the reading process. But informed teachers think beyond the during stage to set their students up for success. They put together reading lessons in three parts so as to focus on pre-, during-, and postreading activities.

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