Using images effectively in language teaching

Join me on Friday, April 16th for a talk as part of the Virtual Round Table. Here’s the topic: An effective way to engage our students more deeply with the content of language-learning classes is through the use of photographs and images. In this interactive webinar we will explore principles and practices of creating unique and engaging lessons using visual input. We will investigate how teachers and students can create and use personal images in addition to sharing great sources of copyright-free images to be used in classrooms and presentations. We will share some useful practices for working with digital images. We will explore several kinds of practical in-class collaborative activities for the teaching of a variety of language skills that can be used either online or in person. The ideas in this webinar will be relevant for teachers of students of all ages and proficiency levels, and applicable to those who work in a variety of settings.

Friday, 16 April 2021    5pm GMT,  6pm London, 7pm Rome, 10:30pm New Delhi, 1pm New York, 10am Los Angeles

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The presentation is part of the 12th Virtual Round Table on technology and language teacher.  You can register for free for the whole conference here:

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